Monday, 28 June 2010

✺ it's all relative

my daughters' papa has family roots in Germany:
we spent many times in Hamburg eating delicious cakes
made by his cousins wife ~ Gudrun:
she kindly sent me this recipe for my collection:
translated for me by her daughter Natascha ~
 she said 
"it is called topfkuchen and is the easiest
most famous German cake recipe I think"

while making it I realised that I inherited my food mixer
from my late mother-in-law Trudi:
so it is quite fitting to be using it to make this cake:
*and it is indeed a topmixer, don't you just love the fancy flan on the box?


you will need ....
4 eggs
250g softened butter
250g flour
250g sugar
½ teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt

heat your oven to 160°c/ gas 4:
grease and line a cake tin ~ any shape:
I used a loaf tin but I think they are often baked in a savarin
or bundt tin: 

in a bowl sift your flour and baking powder:
then stir in the sugar and salt:
add the eggs and butter and mix together until light:
* as children there was always a scuffle to be the one to lick these!

now you can add one of these flavours as suggested by Gudrun ....

the zest and juice of a lemon
100g raisins
50g chocolate chips

I added choc chip as directed Libbie:
bake for an hour, testing with a skewer to make sure
it's cooked in the middle:
cool in the tin for a short while then turn onto a rack:
schmeckt gut as they say in Germany:
here's hoping she will next share her fabulous cake with 
custard and whole apples!


  1. Oh heck... is it only supposed to be children lick those things and scrape the bowl?

  2. My mother used to make this cake when I was a kid but in here version half the mix was plain and half had cocoa powder added. The the two were mixed in the pan to create a merbled effect before cooking. Simple and delicious!!

  3. now that's a delicious idea!
    I shall try that next time I bake topfkuchen ^_^

  4. Hi, My parents are both German and my mom used to make the most delicious Topfkuchen. I made your recipe last night and it's delicious!! It didn't rise as much as I thought but it has a wonderful consistency. Thank you! -Nana Ji Myung Obermann

  5. that is good to hear Nana ^_^
    I've found mixing it for a good few minutes with an electric mixer makes it lighter as it adds more air:
    also using a bundt tin does too:
    happy baking!


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