Monday, 26 July 2010

︘ things that make you go mMm

a raid on my friend Nicola's allotment gave me some
gorgeous stems of rhubarb:
not so pink but smelling yum:
as there wasn't a huge amount I decided to make
a pot of jam:
now don't be scared:
it's easypeasy!

rhubarb, ginger & lemon jam

you will need:
equal amounts of trimmed rhubarb weight 
and jam sugar
*you need jam sugar as rhubarb is low in pectin,
the science bit that makes your jam set*
yes yes it looks like far too much sugar
but this is jam remember?!
a thumb of ginger ~ finely grated
one or two lemons ~ zest finely grated
*ginger and lemon to your taste

firstly sterilise your jars by cleaning them
thoroughly with hot soapy water:
rinse well then pour over boiling water and
put into a low oven to keep warm:
yes the lids too!

wash and dry your rhubarb then cut into 2cm pieces:
pile into a saucepan and add the sugar:
heat very gently and stir stir:
yep it looks dry and you think it's going to burn 
but stir and watch:
the rhubarb will release it's juices and the
sugar will start to melt:
now put two small plates into the freezer:
you will need these later:
when your jam starts to look more jam like ~
turn up the heat and let it roll and bubble for about 6 minutes:
keep stirring occasionally:
the rhubarb should be tender but still have shape:

add the ginger and lemon zest:
stir stir:

now take one of your plates from the freezer 
and drop a little of your jam onto it:
let it cool slightly then push with your finger to see if it's set 
enough for your liking:
if it isn't, then roll and bubble for a bit longer:
get your other plate and test again:

turn off the heat and add a small knob of butter:
this will take care of any bubbly bits on the top of your jam:
leave to cool slightly:
now pour into the warm jars:
some people like to put a waxed disc on the top, 
but as I only make small batches I don't bother:
ready to eat as soon as it's set:
summer in a jar:


  1. Is there an foolproof method to decide how many jars I will need for the quantities I choose? This looks yummy and with the addition of ginger should be especially interesting.

  2. Janys! sorry for delayed reply:
    holidays and all:
    I get what you mean about jars!
    it depends on quantities and volumes doesn't it?
    I tend to sterilise and warm as many different sized jars as I can lay my hands on *this is usually about 5*:
    if there's a little bit left over and you don't have a small enough jar, then just put it in a ramekin or such and cover with a circle of greaseproof:
    you'll eat it before it goes dodgy, trust me!


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