Saturday, 7 January 2012

☖☗ it's a new year

before Christmas I had a conversation about
bought gingerbread and pre-formed 
gingerbread houses:
'oh no' said my friend Anna
'I'll send you a recipe and you'll never eat
shop bought again!'

true to her word ~ she sent me this ☟
then we saw this on the fabulous
photojojo twitter feed:
so after some googling to convert dls to mls
 we made the gingerbread,
cut out the shapes
baked them
{ate the trimmings}
got out the icing bag and made this ☟
a gingerbread camera!

happy new year to all you cake {and camera} lovers


  1. That is brilliant Dee, I love it :-)

    Louisa x

  2. Pretty original and a nice change from gingerbread houses.


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