Saturday, 6 March 2010

⨸⋌ everyone stops for tea

somehow a cup of tea or coffee is so much more
if accompanied by a slice of fruity cake:
this recipe is light and moreish:
I'm not quite sure where the original recipe came from
but I adapt this to whatever fruit or nuts I have in the cupboard:
it's a breeze to make as there's no elbow/mixer
grease needed ^_* 
anytime tea cake

you will need :
220g plain flour
170g caster sugar
90g nuts *I chopped up pecans*
175g dried fruits 
*I used sour cherries, seedless raisins and a few chopped up prunes*
125g butter
1½ teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
60ml milk
a few spoonfuls of demerara sugar

set your oven to 160°c/ gas 4:
line a 16x10cm loaf tin with greaseproof:
in a large bowl ~ sift the flour and baking powder:
mix in the caster sugar, nuts and dried fruits:
melt the butter *I zap it in the microwave*
then add the milk, then add the eggs and mix well:
gently mix the wet ingredients into your large bowl of dried:
pile into your lined loaf tin and shower the top
with some demerara sugar for crrrunch!
bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes, but test with a skewer
after one hour and see how you go:
cool in the tin then turn out:
you'll have trouble slicing this if it's still warm so
you'll have to be patient:
will keep in the tin for 3-4 days:
*try dried cranberries and walnuts, or sultanas and almonds*

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