Monday, 13 February 2012

❤❥♥♡ love everyday

it may well be Valentine's day tomorrow
but biscuits are delicious any day!
show yourself some loving and get baking
jammy dodgers

you will need ....

225g butter cut into squares
200g flour
100g caster sugar
115g ground almonds
some raspberry jam
icing sugar for dusting

place the butter, flour, ground almonds and sugar
into a food processor and blitz until it
starts to leave the sides and becomes
dough like
wrap in film and chill, preferably overnight:
preheat your oven to 140c/ gas 3
line some baking sheets with baking paper

half the dough, keeping the other half in the 
fridge for now
dust the side with flour and roll out the dough
using a 5cm cutter, cut out your dodger bases
put them onto a lined tray and bake for
30 minutes until golden
meanwhile, roll out the other half of dough
cut the out the rounds then cut out little
heart shapes in the centres
put them onto your baking trays {and the little
heart shapes too}
and put in the fridge until you are ready to bake them
for 30 minutes until golden
cool on a wire rack
when they are cooled 
dust the tops with icing sugar
put some raspberry jam into a bowl and mix until smooth
spread a little jam in the centre of the bases
and sandwich with the heart shaped tops
share with those you love!
we sandwiched the little heart centres together 
with nutella for a double treat!

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